Отличная радиостанция ElectricFM.com несколько дней назад прекратила свое вещание.


Пожалуй она заслуживает упоминания в блоге!
Реально жаль ее, слушал довольно часто и многие композиции ушли в мой плей лист.


Thank You!!


Thanks for listening to ElectricFM for the past 9 years! It has been a great run. Due to increasing royalty and other costs associated with running an online radio station, we have decided to take a break for now.

With the lack of advertising revenue, the expenses outweigh the revenue that we bring in. Due to this, we have made the difficult decision of suspending operations at this time.

If the business climate improves in the future, we will consider returning to the air down the road. Thanks again for your support of our station for the past 9 years.

It definitely was a good ride, and we appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm! Without listeners supporting us over the past 9 years, we would not have been the station we were.

Thank you again, and we may return down the road!

The Staff at ElectricFM

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